The Acdo brand was created back in 1919 in the UK.

Covering a range of products for household cleaning, appliance descaling, hand washing, machine dishwashing, washing machine water softeners.

High quality products, strong packaging and value for money



Acdo Dishwasher Tabs 30's

The two layer Acdo Dishwasher Tabs are specially formulated, to dissolve quickly and boost the performance of your dishwasher by releasing active cleaning agents. They are easy to use, with no mess or waste, and give you the correct dosage every time. Only when your machine has reached the ideal washing temperature with the powerful active oxygen within the tablet be released, allowing it to attack the grease and stubborn baked-on foods that other detergents may be unable to shift

Acdo Dishwasher Tabs 10in1

 Acdo Dishwasher Tabs 10in130tabs


The new three layer 10in1 Dishwasher Tabs are especially formulated to dissolve quickly, even at low temperatures and in very hard water. They are easy to use, with no mess or waste and give the correct dosage every time. The build in Rinse Aid and Glass Shine gives the sparkle and extra powerful cleaning. The build in Salt and machine limescale protection make sure that the dishes are not scratched and the machine stays clean. The Lemon perfume gives the extra freshness of clean dishes.
  • Built in Salt
  • Built in Rinse Aid
  • Glass corrosion inhibition
  • Stainless Steel & Glass Shine
  • Extra powerfull cleaning
  • Quick dissolution time
  • Machine limescale protection
  • Teas stain removal
  • Lemon perfume
  • Grease cutting


Powder 1kg 3kg

 Acdo Dishwasher Powder 1kg & 3kg

Removes even the toughest stains from your dishes.

 Acdo Dishwasher Gel 750ml


 Acdo Dishwasher Machine Gel 750ml


  • Shinning brilliance
  • Easy for dosage
  • 100% solubility
  • Powerfull cleaning
  • Up to 30 load

With its special formula, the Acdo Dishwasher Machine Gel, effectively dissolves the fats and removes the dried residues from food, coffee, tea and lipstick. It gives your dishes shinning brilliance and perfect cleanness. The detergent prevents the formation of limescale


 Acdo Dishwasher Salt 1.5kg

 Acdo Dishwasher Salt 1.5kg

Granular salt for automatic dishwashers and water softeners.

Acdo Dishwasher Rinse Aid 500ml

Using Rinse Aid in your dishwasher, will give that extra sparkle to your glasses.

 Acdo Dishwasher Cleaner 2x75gr - new


Acdo Dishwasher Cleaner 2x75gr


Regular use of your dishwashing machine can take its toll on its reliability.
Helps to clean, refresh and maintain your machine, as it removes grease and limescale to clean your dishwasher inside out.
A sparkling dishwasher mean sparkling dishes.


Acdo Multi Purpose Descaler 75gr

Removes scale quickly and safely
Suitable for Kettles, Coffee Makers, Shower Heads & Steam Irons


Acdo Creams 500ml

Universal Cleaning Creams are the ideal products to remove effectively the toughest stains from the kitchen or bathroom surfaces.
The special formulation deeply removes dirt from all surfaces including ceramic tops & enamel, leaving a fresh clean essence.
Two variants Original & Lemon fragranced.

 Acdo Travel Wash 100ml

The convenient way to wash your clothes while you are away, Acdo Travel Wash offers the perfect traveling solution.
In an easy to use tube, this specially balanced away from home concentrated non biological washing gel gives real cleanliness, colour brightness and sparkling whites in any type of water.
The is enough Travel Wash in each tube for up to twenty washes.
Can also be used neat to pre treat stains.



Acdo Aquasoft Water Softener Tabs 15x15gr & Powder 1kg

Prevents Limescale which maintains the efficiency of your machine, meaning you will not use more electricity or detergent than necessary.
Keeps Fibres soft by eliminating the limescale deposits that can cling to the fibres of your laundry, to leave them fresh and soft.
Protects Your Machine by eliminating limescale build up on the heating element, which reduces the risk of lowering, the machines efficiency whilst cutting expensive repair bills.